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Hey there!
Get ready to learn Korean while enjoying your favorite KPOP lyrics with DicToc KPOP, a completely free game.



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We're talking about those incredible beats and melodies from various KPOP favorites,

including BLACKPINK, BTS, ITZY, EXO, NewJeans, Stray Kids, LE SSERAFIM, and IVE.
So, here's the deal: learning through songs sticks in your memory like glue.
Imagine having a blast while picking up Korean words through an exciting word card game based on KPOP lyrics.
And guess what? It's super addictive and fun, which means you'll be motivated like never before!





Key Highlights:
● Play with KPOP lyrics and have a blast while learning Korean through the word card game.
● Discover the meanings of KPOP lyrics on the spot.
● Easily search for songs by your favorite artists.
● Try out Listening Mode to groove to the tunes and master that Korean pronunciation.
● Make learning even easier with the Korean Pronunciation (Romanization) feature.
● Bookmark tricky sentences to build up your Korean vocabulary with repeated listens.
● Master Korean like a pro using the Study Mode for focused learning.
● Test Mode lets you assess your skills and fix any slip-ups.



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