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  • Don’t have to search too hard.
  • Meet Korean content channels by genre that you might like!(From popular Korean broadcasts, dramas, TV programs to eating shows, and beauty creators contents)
  • You can experience excellent viewing without ADs.
  • Easy and comfortable interface! 
  • Player Mode: You can easily enjoy the content on the full screen by selecting a horizontal/vertical player.






  • You can enjoy popular broadcasts and contents by genre.
  • Enjoy a variety of Korean TV broadcasts, eating shows, dramas, and beauty playlists.
  • Create your own playlist: You can save your favorite video and manage it separately.





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  • Channel list: You can easily search and manage your favorite artist channels in one place.
  • All contents’ copyrights belong to the channels of each content.
  • K-Stream doesn’t provide illegal downloading and follow particulars of prohibition regarding contents copyrights.