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Aren't you having a hard time because the trend has changed so easily

and there are so many information these days?



IT’s TV is a service that delivers start-up news, IT trends, popular news, and all videos that are useful for work.

Depending on what content you see and who you talk to every day, you'll change your appearance in a year.


✔   Must-have app that IT trend videos in one place for IT workers

✔    From start-ups to high-end information and insights.





Various career lectures such as tech news and skill-ups

Fill your knowledge with the trend interpretation stories of IT practitioners!


Search with channel titles

You can also search for specific videos by channel name. And add to your own playlist.


Personal Video List

My Choice : You can add channels that you like to Favorites by pressing heart.






Non stop Tech News Video Playlist

Is it hard to concentrate on your work?

Play music videos that help you improve your concentration without interruption!


Efficient Timer

If you want to watch a video before you go to bed or for a specific time, try using the timer.

If you use the timer function, the app will end after the set time!




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