A new way to watch the video! Sensible pick of top channels here!




A new way to watch the video!  Sensible pick of top channels here!




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Check out the most trending dramas, variety, movies and your favorite shows from leading TV station on Stream-IN.

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Find all the latest and most popular videos organized into categories such as Drama, Movie, Music, Entertainment, Y-series, Lifestyle and more.

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Enjoy Music videos and shows from global partners on our Music playlist player! You can shuffle, play by order or even repeat it again and again.






Efficient video runtime timer -

If you want to watch a video before you go to bed or certain time of day, try use the video runtime timer.

It helps you to watch a video more efficiently.






Additional Functions


✔ Personal Video List

Love : You can add channels that you like to Favorites by pressing heart.





✔ Search with channel titles

You can also search for specific videos by channel name. And add to your own playlis




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