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Do you want to know what people on the other side of the world are doing?

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Video Stream allows you to watch best live streaming videos around the world.

Video channels will be picked out by various categories - from latest trend videos to movie clips, music videos, animation, and more.

Try exploring videos you want in simplest way and have fun watching them.





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List of Top channels with global streaming videos - Various streaming videos around the world can be find in Video Stream.





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While using Video Stream, if you have a favorite channel add it to My Channel.
The added channel is always displayed above and you can watch the movie at any time.




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Is there any video you want to watch?
Then you can search my favorite videos or YouTube channels with a video search function.
And if you add it to My Channel, it's always on Video Stream.






Video Stream will show you the video you watched today, the video you liked.