Team Calendar

Share your schedules, anniversaies 🗓






We are a TEAM!
Share your schedules and anniversaies with your family, loved one, friends and colleagues!
Make our own TEAM to share our schedules, places, memos, etc. with our colleagues which we want to share each other.
If you use an email with the same domain, you will be automatically registered in the TEAM.


Sharing Schedule


You can share your schedules on a calender with a specific person like your family, loved one, friend and colleague by creating TEAM.
※Specialized in Business : Improve your work efficiency by sharing your schedules with your team members, business partners and customers.








Diverse View Type


You can check the calendar in different styles(e.g., monthly, weekly)





Event Notification


It'll notify every event from 5min to a week in advance.






Add Extra Information


You can add a location, URL link and memo to each event in order to better aware of them.






Synchronizing Google Calendar


You can sync the calendar on your phone with Google Calendar.