Team Browser

The powerful browser with sharing feature 🤓







It’s the most unique way to share websites from web browser


Team Browser is a free web browser app with team sharing feature.

Experience a fast, smart, and handy web browser!

You can use it by yourself or with family, friend, and team members.

Say goodbye to slow browser and upgrade to latest smart web browser today!







Share the websites


Create a team and invite people to join your team.
On your team menu, you can share bookmarks and reading lists by just adding them.
It is the easiest way to share websites for multiple people on web browser!





Have comment? Write a memo.


Use the memo feature to left a comment for your team.
You don’t need to send them a message separately to explain about the website that you shared with your team.





Two browsers in one app


You can use Team browser for just you, just with team, or both!

Your personal browser and shared browser are separated

so you don’t need to share all of your personal bookmarks or reading lists to your team.






Fast and convenient


All basic web browser features are upgraded!

Bookmarks and reading lists will help you save websites to visit again easily and frequently visited sites will located in the main screen

so you can access the websites conveniently. It’s fast and easy to use!