[Team Browser] Android 1.0 : Finally officially released


Feb. 26, 2019

On December 10, 2018, Team Browser has been released from Jmobile. This app is the second app of Teammobile series. TM Browser is a free web browser app with unique team sharing features. It’s now available on Google Play Store and soon be released on App Store. It’s fast, smart, and handy web browser with intuitive and straight-forward UI/UX. All basic browser features are upgraded.


Just like Team Filemanager, this browser app contains sharing feature. You can share websites with your friend, family, or team members. Create a team and invite people to join your team. If you add a website which you want to share with people to bookmark or reading list, they can see the shared website. If you need to write a comment about it, there is a memo feature, so you can quickly send a message through that.


Some people simply don’t want to share what they are browsing about. Team Browser separates your own bookmark list and shared one, so you don’t have to worry about that. The account is sharable between Team Brower and Team Filemanager.


If you want to learn more about Team Browser, visit http://teammobile.io now!


About Jmobile.io

Jmobile.io is one of subsidiaries of Jiran, a leader of software company in South Korea. We focus on developing and publishing global mobile applications. Our main products are HD Video Downloader, a No.1 video downloader app with 89 million users worldwide, Instant, the easiest app to download Instagram contents, JM Browser, a multi-browser app with download feature, and so on.


About Teammobile.io

Teammobile is a partner of Jmobile.io, which was specifically established for creating b2b mobile applications.



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Office : (82) 10 - 5676 – 0969

Email : contact(at)teammobile.io

Homepage : http://teammobile.io


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