[Sori] 2.0 : Alpha Service


Nov. 07, 2022

Hello. It's the TeamMobile Team.

With the Alpha Service of Sori this time, the function and design have been renewed.

"Sori" has changed a lot for the Remote From Anywhere Era.


<Why should we use Sori>



Empowers any team to share ideas, collaborate equally, and focus on what’s important, whether you’re working across departments or across time zones.



Use the power and flexibility of async video to accelerate team communication and boost productivity.




Collaborate on various projects and get along with your member easily.

Share files and mark up your screen, and record your message in context to your members.



Say good-bye to one-time e-mail. Create a room and focus your members and information on the room.


Voice Call

When we use the group voice call, we can feel like in the same space without seeing all the members.


Screen recording

Give clear and constructive feedback through using async video.


Keep your eyes open for our next updates!  

Thank you.