"Ticker," which has challenged the beauty industry, introduces AR beauty technology


Oct. 08, 2021

 A beauty tech company ,"TACHI ON B&T" has launched the Ticker app, an integrated beauty platform.


This can be said to be a new concept of life platform that supports virtual molding and allows users to directly experience real products of color cosmetics brands using augmented reality AR technology.



<Photo source : Beauty life platform Ticker  image>


In addition, it boasts unique technology in that it can be used during multi-party video calls with AR beauty cameras.


Considering the COVID-19 situation, it is said that it is novel that you can experience natural virtual makeup through non-face-to-face.


Virtual makeup can be experienced hygienically, and it seems that the lifestyle of the MZ generation (millennial + Z generation) has been considered.


"TACHI ON B&T" is already preparing to enter overseas markets, and PCT international patent applications have also been completed.


Starting with Japan, the company plans to expand its services to Hong Kong, China, Singapore next year, and the United States and France in 2023.


These new challenges are expected to make a big difference in the K-beauty market in the future.


Not only does it provide opportunities for overseas users who have difficulty accessing Korean products to experience themselves, 

This is because you can find a makeup method that suits you without going to the brand store yourself.


It is expected to serve as an opportunity for K-beauty to draw attention again through the app developed in line with these changes of the times.