Red Velvet is back with their new song "Queendom", MV teaser released


Aug. 19, 2021

Girl group Red Velvet will make a comeback with their mini album "Queendom" on the 16th.

Along with the title track "Queendom," the album contains a total of six songs: "Pose," "Knock on Wood," "Better Be," "Pushin' N Pullin" and "Hello, Sunset".


With songs of various genres such as pop dance, electro punk, and R&B ballads, expectations for a comeback are at their peak.




Red Velvet, which showed various concepts for each album, is also a pop dance song that is highly addictive and shows the members' vocal skills, and the lyrics show positive energy that we are all 'Queens' of our lives and shining together.


Also, attention is focusing on Red Velvet's unique charm, as well as "Hitmaker" Kenzie, Ming-tion, world-renowned producers Moon Shine, Andreas Overg, famous lyricists Cho Yoon-gung, Isran, and Seo Ji-eum will participate.


"Queendom" will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 16th, and album sales will begin on August 17.