YouTuber TOP 5 recommended for makeup beginners!


Jun. 22, 2021

We'd like to introduce you to a YouTuber I recommend to beginners of makeup who just woke up to beauty. It's not easy to find a makeup style that suits your face shape or tone. However, if you follow the makeup method that YouTubers explain, you can find the right makeup method for you.



RISABAE is a former makeup artist who specializes in celebrity styling. She is mainly noted for her daily makeup, celebrity cover, and special makeup, and Lee Ha-nee's SNL red carpet makeup and Conjuring 2 nun makeup are representative. She calls viewers "Little Miss" and explains it to beginners. Currently it has 2.24 million subscribers.




2. Salary Girl A

She is presenting makeup videos with various concepts, including comedic elements. Some videos review the most expensive cosmetics or review North Korean/Chinese cosmetics. She is also fluent in Japanese and operates a Japanese-only channel called Salary Girl J. In particular, Salary Girl A's reviews are receiving favorable reviews for their honesty, and many users say that it is reliable to review products that are not good without hesitation. Currently, there are 1.19 million subscribers. 




3. Pony

YouTuber who uses a lot of road shop products, and uploads makeup videos that are good for everyone to follow. Also shows professional aspects such as using color tones as it is a professional makeup artist. She also has unique contents such as using lip gloss as a glitter or introducing makeup that goes beyond the purpose of the product, such as applying eyeliner to the lips. Known as CL's former makeup artist. Currently, it has 5.86 million subscribers.




4. Lamuqe

YouTuber who has a good understanding of facial shape. In particular, the content of "Lamuqe Plastic Surgery" is unique, inviting subscribers to teach them how to cover their complex directly. She has a good sense of fashion and has a video clip where she visits a YouTuber's house where doesn't know much about fashion and coordinates it. Currently, it has 1.29 million subscribers.




5. Leesuhyun

It is a channel run by Suhyun, a member of AKMU. Su-hyun is said to have started a beauty YouTuber to show her love for herself because of malicious comments pointing out her appearance. AKMU member Chan-hyuk's brother also appeared on YouTube, and his makeup and dubbing videos made headlines with his voice. The video of "Get Ready With Me" going to the G-Dragon concert, an artist from the same agency, surpassed 880,000 views in just two days. Recommend it to people looking for single eyelid makeup.



Let's find a makeup method that suits you by referring to beauty YouTubers' makeup methods.