[IT'sTV, KPOP TV] Announcement: Playlist Update


Jun. 09, 2021


Hello. It's the TeamMobile Team.

Here's the latest news.

The playlist of IT's TV and KPOP TV will be updated with new videos every week.


In addition, we’d like to announce the updates on IT's TV first!

The Editor Choice, where you can view the playlist, will be greatly improved.

Previously, there was an inconvenience of not being able to watch the editor's choice video at once.

We will update the features so that users can play all Editor’s choice playlist on IT's TV at once.

And filtering will be added to make it easier to use.


Previously, the user couldn't save the video separately.

Now, it will be improved so that users can create their own playlist by saving their favorite videos while searching.


It will be updated soon, so please look forward to it.

Keep your eyes open for our next updates!  


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Thank you.