K-pop survived even if it didn't performance offline. A passion that hasn't stopped Covid-19.


May. 20, 2021


The popularity of K-pop has not changed, although sales of performances have plummeted by 90 percent due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Although the world tour was canceled, it was replaced by an online concert for fans around the world. What is the secret of maintaining popularity even when you can't go to the concert yourself?


Due to the prolonged Covid-19 situation, we can't wait for the offline performances. The biggest secret to success is that the Korean music industry understands this and quickly responds to it and turns it into an online concert to secure more fans. Online live concerts are broadcast live over the Internet. Therefore, not only is it accessible, but it also has the advantage of being able to watch it comfortably at a lower price than offline concerts. It also provides a variety of online content to replace offline concerts through streaming platforms.


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"K-Content," which will be held at CJ ENM from June 19 to 27, will mark its fourth season. We will proceed with the concept of world tour to maximize the sense of the site. Prepared to allow easy access to the various platforms in each country and tving in our country through the exclusive expected to be released soon. Foreign based fans also K-kon official and YouTube channel Mnet K-pop from the channel can watch.


They are also holding video call signings in the absence of face-to-face fan signing events. Fan sign meeting is also in non-face-to-face way more convenient, and communicating with my artist can feel it. In addition, the call will also can record in your cell phone. Although preparation for unexpected situations was also needed when conducting face-to-face events, it is likely to be maintained even after the end of Corona because this part is blocked due to the nature of non-face-to-face communication.


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"[Weekend] "If you see me on the screen, please draw a heart." Video call fan signing that can't even stop Covid-19.>


On the one hand, still prefer non-face-to-face way, fans will be present. Fans who feel that meeting artists in person is their hobby and joy of life say that they are anxious that only online events will increase as this change in the way events are conducted is applied after Covid-19. Even if it does not meet the needs of fans perfectly, it is necessary to study how to replace face-to-face situations in these Covid-19 situations. The key is to create content that has a different charm from offline, and it is also important to secure a platform for continuously delivering high-definition and high-quality images.