[K-Beauty TV] Android 1.0 : Finally officially released


Mar. 12, 2021


Hello. It's the TeamMobile Team.

On March 2, 2021 K-Beauty TV has been released from Teammobile. 


βœ”  Essential app that collects K-beauty videos in one place πŸ’„

Check out Korea's most popular female and male BeauTuber's skincare, today's makeup method, their Vlogs, and daily look videos on K-Beauty TV!


βœ” The best way to find BeauTuber’s cosmetics at a glance!

If it's hard to put on makeup, watch the video and try it. 

We prepared various classes such as personal color diagnosis and warm tone cool tone makeups!


βœ” Non stop Beauty Video Playlist

Experience K- brand videos in our player! You can shuffle, play by order or even repeat it again and again


βœ” Search with channel titles

You can also search for specific videos by channel name. And add to your own beauty playlist.


βœ” Personal Beauty Video List

My Beauty : You can add channels that you like to Favorites by pressing heart.


βœ” Efficient Timer

If you want to watch a video before you go to bed or for a specific time, try using the timer. If you use the timer function, the app will end after the set time!


Keep your eyes open for our next updates!  

Visit the Play Store and download the new K-Beauty app today.


Thank you.