[K-POP Stream] Android 1.0 : Finally officially released


Sep. 11, 2020


Hello. It's the TeamMobile Team.


On Augest 20, 2020 Kpop Stream has been released from Teammobile. 

Kpop Stream is a free Kpop idols video app to enjoy there are idols who are like hidden gems that you don't know.


We collected worldwide popular male and female idols.
Enjoy news and videos of countless idols' official channels easily and conveniently!


There are various contents in K-pop culture, not only the songs, but also cover dances, sentimental song lyrics, and reactions.
If you wish to find out more about K-pop and Korean culture, check out the TV channels from K-pop Stream.


My Idol: Set your favorite idols or the channels you enjoy.
Liked Videos: Leave a heart mark and easily watch your favorite videos.
Search: Can't find your favorite idol?You can easily look them up with the search feature.
Pop-up Player: Explore different channels while watching videos.



*Copyright of all contents are owned by each channel.
K-pop Stream does not provide illegal downloads and follows the regulations of content copyright.



Keep your eyes open for our next updates!  

Visit the Play Store and download the new Kpop Stream app today.


Thank you.