[Streamy] Android 0.1.1


Mar. 09, 2020

Hello. It's the TeamMobile Team.

In this update, we had changed "Playlist feature" that were just announced in the update.

Now, when users delete Streamy, Streamy will remember the songs stored on their playlist.


📌New Features


- The login feature has been added.

- Social login is also possible.
- Add or delete playlist functionality has been added.



- Add or delete music from the playlist.




- Songs can be moved to another playlist.
- The user name can be changed.
- Profile image can be changed.
- You can log out and leave.
- Password change can be changed.


✍️ Improvements

- Shutdown bug fix.

- Other errors and performance improvements.



Enhancements are being made to ensure that the playlist continues even if users delete the Streamy.

Also, we are still preparing somthing special. so please look forward to it. 



Keep your eyes open for our next updates!  

Visit the Play Store and download the new Streamy app today.

Thank you.