[REBRAND] Say hello, new logo Team Mobile


Jul. 19, 2019

Hello. It's the TeamMobile Team.

Today we’re launching a new logo, as we start to refresh our look in general.
J-Mobile is going to start over with the name 'TeamMobile'.



Q. How has it changed compared to before?












A. Team Mobile's Symbol captures the experience of team members working together to create a successful project toward one goal.







Q. How did the brand color change?


A. Brand color uses Team Mobile PEACOCK. It’s an evolution, and one that can scale easily, and work better, in many more places. 



# 5ec3b3 

rgb(94, 195, 179)

hsl(170, 46%, 57%)


It’s still us. We’re still. But more consistent and, we hope, more instantly recognizable.

In the future, we will continue to communicate through the new faces of Team Mobile at various points of contact.


Please support us a lot.
Thank you.