[Video Stream] Android 2.0.3


Dec. 12, 2019

Dear Video Stream users,


Live service will be upgraded to notify you with a version update of the VideoStream. 
'Live' and 'Channel TOP 50' are among the most popular services for Videostream users.



Previously, only 'TOP 50 channels' was shown in CHANNEL feature.
To watch live, you had to press the left button of My Channel feature to see it.





📌Now you can check the channel 50 ranks and live video directly from the CHANNEL feature.





📎By checking the thumbnails of the channels in TOP 50, the features of the channels are easier to see.




📎You can easily edit a list of saved channels.



📎We want to focus more on your experiences.



Keep your eyes open for our next updates!  

Visit the Play Store and download the new Video Stream app today.

Thank you.