[FileManager] Android 1.0.6


Sep. 29, 2017


Version 1.0.6 comes with cherry-picked new features and improvements. Our goal is to create a good file manager app that is simple yet strong and easy to use. Meanwhile, something pops in our mind.

Some features will be convenient to use when managing files. For example, you could send an image to friends while you are organizing it. So… here we go! Let’s check out what we added to make JM Filemanager more awesome!




File Sender (File ID)
Where are all file-sharing apps when I need them?

There is none good but one. Try sending files with File ID from JM Filemanager.

You just need to select a file which you want to send, and give a File ID to a receiver.
(iPhone / PC version are currently under development.)



File Sender (wifi-Direct)
Try sending files to a friend standing next to you.

No need to use your cellular data. Wifi-Direct allows you to send a file with a speed of 300Mbps, which is 10 times faster than Bluetooth.



Secret Folder
There are some files that you don’t want to share.

Safely save your files in a Secret Folder.

Once you save files in Secret Folder, you can’t even see those files from other file manager apps!



Memory Cleaner
You don’t have to install other app to clean your memory.

Free up memory space by using strong Memory Cleaner features from JM Filemanager.



Collaboration with HD Video downloader
Are you one of 80 million users who are using HD Video Downloader?

If so, you can directly watch and manage videos from HDVD folder.



Easy to move & paste
How do you remember all the path to copy or move files?

It is so redundant. JM Filemanager allows you to easily select a path from a pop-up window to move or copy the files.



Category is a fundamental feature for all file manager apps. Hence, we divided a category to what most people use; Favorite, video, image, and document. Files will be categorized regardless of which folder it belongs to.



Tag & Favorite
If simple category is not detail enough to group your files, there is “Tag” to use. For example, some files can be categorized as “Personal” or “Business”. Create a tag to group your files. Frequently used files can also be added in Favorites.



And more…
You can get a notification alarm when larger than 100MB size file is added. Also, if you want to see hidden files or folder from other apps, it’s possible to do that!


Now it is your turn to check all those new features and improvements!
Get it now!